— Salam olahraga,
We have employed the world sailing academy to train our sailing team for the PON regatta 2016
During a five months training period Pete and Eshed improved our sailors speed beyond recognition and the result was 7 medals out of possible 10 for our team, Qualifying our 470 women team to the Asian games 2018.
Pete and Eshed introduced the highest level of performance coaching, managed to teach our sailors, coaches and management how to win, how to become a team and work together in order to achieve goals.
They covered all aspects necessary for competing including helping our management team to become as effective as possible.
Both of them crazy awesome coaches that knew what they do in sailing that knew how to help and bring my team UP to the very next level. We only wished that we had them earlier. They both shout a lot to team and smile at the same time. OUR sailing team will never be the same again as they experience world level training that we never had before. Also Dipesh Nerpagare the assistant coach that remind stay with us for 5 months and make sure the programs run smooth well, having him make this much easier .
We highly recommend the world sailing academy to run a sailing program for any team who wish to achieve success and it is our full intention to keep working with them in the near future.”

Dyan Puspito Rini (East Java Sports committee)

East Java Indonesia 2016

I would like to share my feelings and opinions about the  “Coaches’ Seminar” that was  held in our Tel Aviv club – a sailing club on 19-22.4.2017 by Pete Conway and Eshed Meseritz.

During the four days of the seminar, Eshed and Pete managed to make the club coaches (both beginners and advanced coaches) to change their thinking and attitude about their way of training.

The Coaches learned to investigate themselves better and learned how to prioritize their training phase in relation to observing their group.

In addition, Pete and Eshed opened a new way of thinking within the coaches on the subject of how is it best to speak, when and how many.

More than – a feedback was made on the basis of Eshad and Pete’s joining  the sea training exercises that the coaches gave. This led the coaches to receive live samples from the field.

In conclusion, I can say that the seminar contributed greatly to our coaches’ thinking in view of the short term and long term as well.

The coaches learned how to build short and long goals while learning how to implement the patterns from the  sailing training system..

All the staff of the club, said that the seminar contributed a great deal and added to the knowledge of the coaches while creating a healthy dialogue between the lecturers and the coaches themselves.

I will certainly continue to work with Pete and Eshed as early on Coming  September.

Appreciate and thank you

See you at sea

Ayal Hamburger


Hapoel Tel-Aviv sailing club

Hapoel Tel-Aviv 2017

Eshed’s style and coaching content is His patience, new focus/ plan everyday for the work on the water , ability to analyse problems in terms of speed/ boat handling etc and find a quick fix for them, smart exercises, straight forwarded style of coaching, Eshed shows dedication to the sailors not just on the water, giving me the feeling that u want to bring a change to my sailing not just only cause Im paying u, He tried everything to make my trip to Israel as pleasant as possible ( airport pick ups , visiting Jerusalem , letting us being part of family celebrations etc.)
The club has great facilities and super nice staff, good quality of the charters and an excellent venue which made it possible to train in a lot of different conditions.


Sophie Ertelt (GER) 2012

Eshed is a dynamo who places a great emphasis on achieving process goals. He is a good observer, a good analyst and a great planner of programs. It is rare that one can identify such coaching talent after such a short time, but with Eshed his abilities are obvious, and he is a popular addition to any program that he has worked with.


Peter Conway Head Coach Indian Yachting association 2011

The sailing club in Ashdod has very good facilities with a big hangar that can for sure  hold 20 rigged lasers or probably more . The staff in the club is very kind and i felt there like at home, Silvan made sure i had all i needed and i am thankfull to him.
I was nicely surprised by excellent sailing conditions and nice weather . Light winds in the morning and medium winds of 15 knots in the afternoon are ideal conditions for making any sailing event .
The race was with 34 boats of all levels ,from masters to very young 4.7 sailors , i can say that I had some very hard times in the light wind races against young talented sailors such as Oz Adam who finished 2nd overall and Omer Zachar who finished 3rd overall . In the end i manage to win with a little bit hiking on the last day so i can be pleased with my result as well .
Once more i would like to thank Eshed and his family for inviting me to Israel and doing everything possible to make me feel like at home. Also thanks Yuval and Oz for taking me around Israel and making my stay more pleasant .
I would definitelly recommend laser sailors to come to sail in Israel and enjoy nice sailing conditions and very good hospitality .
Milan Vujasinović.


Milan Vujasinovic – Croatian Laser sailing team

Eshed started coaching me in March 2012 He was able to explain things well, had great video analysis and his sailing sessions were fun and different. I loved it that he went cycling with me every day to improve my fitness, It was great motivation. Eshed is easy to talk to and i really loved his family as well. on the proffesional level Eshed made me tactical wiser and improved my starts.The bottom line is that whithin 3 months of hard work Eshed lead me to my best ever result at a world championship, I came 10th at the silver fleet which was 77th overall and almost managed to qualify for London 2012.


Rohini Rau 2012

Rohini has made great progress under this new coach (Eshed) who have actually pulled her upto 57 % of a world Championship fleet. This is an extremely encouraging performance and goes to show what a decent coach can do. Her previous results at the world championship show she was at 88%. A 31 % improvement is a great sign in two and a half months.


Davy Jones – India for sailor Rohini

(To Eshed)

It has been really nice to see you again and share coach job on the water in the Europeans. Again, I’ve learned a lot from your opinions, methods and tricks..I’ve enjoyed a lot in the water and also ashore. Hope to be one day the great coach you are!! Many thanks for all , it’s a pleasure to know you.


Bernat Gali – Spanish team laser 4.7 coach

Eshed Meseritz is a young and focussed sailing coach. He was involved with the coaching of my sons Upamanyu and Aryaman and other kids of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club in the Optimist class from June to Oct 2011. The kids learnt a lot under Eshed’s guidance and have been performing well in regattas in India.


Gautama Dutta – Royal Bombay Yacht Club

I appreciate both your abilities & diligence, For me yours was a good approach with enough explanation coupled with experimentation (e.g. sailing without a rudder) to demonstrate the reasons & validity of what was trying to be achieved & what benefits might result. I wish I had found you earlier but never mind it is definitely my intention to return.


Charles Campion (GBR) 2013